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General Information

Welcome to the weekly TEPPEN tournament information page. Play TEPPEN each week and earn prizes! Sign up for weekly TEPPEN tournaments to play online against people in your rank. Make it through the group phase and into the finals for a chance to win great prizes!

Whether you’ve been playing TEPPEN since launch or you’re just downloading the game now, there’s room for everyone in the TEPPEN Weekly Tournament Series. Your online rank determines your group placement, meaning you’ll be grouped with players of a similar skill level.

If you’re just getting started you’ll be matched with other players who are learning the ropes. However, if you consider yourself a top TEPPEN player, you can prove your skills against other highly skilled players. Whatever your skill level may be, everyone has a chance to earn prizes and fame in the TEPPEN Weekly Tournament Series!

To get started, register here. Once you’ve verified your rank, you can sign-up for the weekly tournament to play against other TEPPEN players and win prizes. Head over to the tournament registration page and show the world your TEPPEN skills!

There are tournaments for every rank, with up to six players participating in each tournament group. Once logged in you can sign up for a tournament in your rank group for the upcoming week.

Each week sign ups end on Sunday at 7PM PT, with all tournaments running from Monday through Saturday. All tournaments are round robin format, meaning all six players in each tournament group will play against each player in their group for a total of five matches each week. Matches are played daily, in best of five sets (first to three wins).

Ranks fluctuate all the time in TEPPEN, so while the tournament groups are separated by rank, you can move up or down one rank between the time you sign up for a tournament, and the time the tournament begins. All players are required to submit screenshots of their rank, as well as win verification images.

You can find more information on each tournament on our Rules and FAQ pages.